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Padmate Pamu Scroll - Glory Edition

12 tháng
1.990.000 ₫
Liên hệ
Tư vấn & Mua hàng - Gọi 1800-6974
  • Freeship toàn quốc: Gaming Gear, Audio
  • Giao hàng ngay (Nội thành TP.HCM)
  • Giao trong vòng 2 đến 3 ngày (Toàn quốc)
  • Xem thông tin mua hàng trả góp tại đây


Padmate Pamu earbuds wireless bluetooth 5.0 Headphones features good sound quality, stable connection, In-ear Comfortable & Secure Fit, IIPX6 Water and Sweat Resistance. Long Lasting Battery, Perfect Bluetooth for Android & IOS.

It is the improved version of 1st pamu, comes out with better comprehensive performance. It has never been more important for your earphones to fit well. Lightweight & sweat resistant & snugly fit, these earbuds are designed with an emphasis in ergonomics, no getting sore ears after wearing them for hours, they're especially suitable for sporty and sweaty activities.

Three pairs of ear tips are included for a precise and customized fit, so you can pick the ones most suitable to you.

Without interference, the earbuds and devices connect well as long as 10m.

Either of the earbuds can be used independently.

  • Loại tai nghe: Tai nghe inear
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